DIY Concrete Foundation Crack Repair Kit – Polyurethane Foam – Hairline to 1/16″ Wide Cracks – Low-Pressure Injection Method (FLEXKIT-200)


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Product Description

Contractor-Grade Kit

Hairline concrete cracks are tricky types of cracks that require a low viscosity resin to fully penetrate the entire length of the crack. Our hairline DIY foundation crack repair kit offers the same professional materials that contractors use, but made easy for any homeowner to use.

When the concrete in your home develops a crack, it can be quite expensive to hire a professional to rectify the problem. Thankfully with the FLEXKIT-200 Do-it-Yourself Kit, you can easily seal cracks with simplicity and ease. The process involves the incorporation of high grade injection resins which are fed into dry or wet foundation basement cracks.

DIY FLEXKIT-200 Crack Repair Kit can be injected into an actively leaking or dry foundation wall crack as it chemically reacts with water and bond to concrete to form a water-tight, flexible gasket through the entire wall thickness, eliminating any future leaks. The kit offers customers with industry grade injection resins which have been simplified for use to make them more accessible to DIY enthusiasts. With this kit, you can easily repair 8′ long, hairline concrete foundation crack that has up to 8″ thick wall.


Ready for any job, our kits include the same materials and method that professional contractors use. We don’t compromise on quality, so your repair gets done right the first time. 

What’s in the box:

2 Flexomeric FLEXTUBE-210 Crack Injection Resin Cartridges (300ml) 1 Flexomeric Crack Adhesive (Part A) 1 Flexomeric Crack Adhesive (Part B) 2 Injection Nozzles for Crack Injection Resin Cartridges 2 Pieces of Rubber Tubing 12 Flat Injection Ports and Caps 2 Mixing Sticks 2 Pair of Gloves 1 Plastic Trowel for Adhesive 1 Instruction Booklet


Standard Caulking Gun

The 300ml, single-component FLEXTUBE-110 Flexible Resin is injected into the concrete crack using a good quality, single-component injection gun.

(Not included in this kit)

Wire Brush

A wire brush is required for Step 2 of the instructions.  It is used to clean away any loose concrete, paint, oil, dirt and other debri on the surface of the crack.

(Not included in this kit)

Spray or Squirt Bottle

Flushing the crack with water is Step 5 of the instructions. This is a must since the injection resin requires water to chemically react.

(Not included in this kit)

Safety Goggles

Safety goggles are required to ensure eye protection during the injection process. Materials may be harmful when in direct contact with eyes.

(Not included in this kit)

Which Flexomeric kit do I need?

Choosing the correct Flexomeric DIY Foundation Crack Repair kit is easy.

Measure the smallest width of the crack. Often, this is at the bottom of the crack. The injection material needs to be able to penetrate this portion of the crack to ensure that entire crack is sealed.

Take a quarter coin. The quarter coin is approximately 1/16″ thick. If it can fit inside of the thinnest part of the crack, use the FLEXKIT-100 (or FLEXKIT-101 for a corner crack).

Otherwise, use one the FLEXKIT-200 (or FLEXKIT-201 for a corner crack).

Permanently Stops and Prevents Water Leaks in Concrete Cracks. Used for Wet or Dry Cracks.
Can Be Used For Wet or Dry Cracks.
Compression Seal That Remains Flexible.
Formulated To Repair Hairline to 1/16″ Wide Concrete Cracks.
No Drilling Or Special Tools Required.

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DIY Concrete Foundation Crack Repair Kit – Polyurethane Foam – Hairline to 1/16″ Wide Cracks – Low-Pressure Injection Method (FLEXKIT-200)

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